Advanced Adventure Weekends

The purpose of this course is to give the diver an overview of 5 different specialties.  5 dives will be done over the weekend.   One dive, from each of the specialties, may apply toward a complete specialty certification.

The dives scheduled for the weekend will be Buoyancy, Navigation, Wreck, Deep & Search & Recovery.

WHEN:  3 days (1 evening at the facility & 2 days at a quarry)*
July and August Advanced Adventure weekends will be announced later this month.

Paperwork, Academics & Pool on an evening
            Dives at the quarry will be on following Saturday & Sunday @ 9am


SCHEDULE:  Saturday  (Day 1) and Sunday (Day 2)
            Day 1 – Meet at the quarry at 9am
                        3 dives will be done
                        Dive 1 Buoyancy, Dive 2 Navigation, Dive 3 Wreck

Day 1 will be all day and may go into early evening so each diver will need to plan for overnight accommodations or a late night drive home with an early morning arrival the next day.

            Day 2 – Meet at the quarry at 9am
                        2 dives will be done
                        Dive 4 Deep, Dive 5 Search & Recovery

CLASS COST:  $150 + Advanced Adventure Book ($35)

Class Requirements:
1. SDI Open Water Scuba Diver, SDI Junior Open Water Scuba Diver, or equivalent; juniors can only take specialties approved for their age
2. Minimum age 18, 10 with parental consent
3.  Complete the SDI Liability Release and Express Assumption of Risk Form AND SDI Medical Statement Form.  Liability Release and Medical statements must be handed in 24 hours before class is suppose to start.  Depending on Medical History, diver may need a physician approval and signature on SDI Medical packet before starting the class

Required Equipment:
Each diver must provide own Life Support Equipment (Regulator, Alternate, BC, Dive Computer & Compass), own personal equipment (Mask, Snorkel & Fins), and any additional equipment needed to dive in the quarry.  This additional equipment includes tanks, weights, thermal protection and dive accessories needed for specific dives.

Regulator must be a cold water specific regulator.
BCD must be rated to hold enough weight for diving in colder environments and must provide enough lift for that equipment and weight.
Thermal protection must be appropriate for diver to be comfortable diving in 50-65 degree water for extended amounts of time.  This includes all neoprene protection like gloves, hoods and boots.
Each diver will need at least 2 tanks for the weekend.
Each diver will need a reel, a visual signaling device and an audio signaling device.  This equipment averages $60-$85 for all 3 items.
Entry to the quarry will be between $25-$30 per day.
Air fills at quarry are usually between $8-$11 per fill.

* A minimum of 4 divers needed for class