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MAST, the Maritime Archaeological Survey Team is a nonprofit avocational group dedicated to the documentation of Ohio’s underwater historic resources. Formed in March of 2000, MAST is composed of volunteer individuals who support and participate in research, documentation, underwater archaeological surveys, and educational workshops.

If you are interested in maritime archaeology then this is the group for you. Every year they will hold a workshop to get you up to speed.

Nautical Archaeology Training Workshop and MAST Annual Dinner Meeting



The Great Lakes Historical Society’s Peachman Lake Erie Shipwreck Research Center (GLHS’s PLESRC) and the Maritime Archaeological Survey Team (MAST) are pleased to present the 2015 GLHS/MAST Nautical Archaeology Workshop and Training.

In order to equip our members with skills and knowledge to better understand shipwreck research, construction and surverying, MAST coordinates annual workshops. These workshops feature a series of seminars and a variety of speakers and topics.

MAST workshops also cover topics such as the trilateration method used for underwater archaeological surveys. Along with lectures, “land” and “in water” sessions are given in order to practice using these skills. Additional topics may include ship construction, which is crucial in understanding the ship parts you may be viewing underwater.