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Crazy New Light!!!!

Big Blue Announces a crazy bright light, the TL4000P!!

Ok we haven't even left for DEMA yet and we have a new product that has floored me. It is ....wait for it...a hand held tec light that is 4000K lumens, without a canister! Our experience is that you really don't need to have it on the highest setting, its almost too bright. But the thing I really like about this is that at the lower settings, level II and III you have 6 and 12 hours of burn time with 1K and 2K lumen, which is crazy! No special battery that has to be replaced at the factory or be built, you can buy extra for 91 bucks. The light is also reasonably priced at $545.99. It has some pretty killer specs too: 

Light Output: 400 Lm (level I), 1000 Lm (level II), 2000 Lm (level III), 4000 Lm (level IV)
Burn Time: 3 hours (level IV), 6 hours (level III), 12 hours (level II), 30 hours (level I)
Light Source 4 x XML LED
Casing Material Aluminum alloy, anti-corrosive anodized
Power Source Li ion Rechargeable battery pack x 4
Angle Of Light Beam 10 degree beam
Color Temperature 6500K
Available Colors Black
Maximum Depth 100 M tested
Size Dia. 72 x L. 150.3mm
Weight 596 g (including battery)
Buoyancy -222 g (including battery)
Switching System Push button with battery indicator
Front Glass Tempered optical glass

TL4000P: New to Bigblue in the 2015 light line-up is the TL4000P. This light is a self-contained technical light that pumps out a stunning 4000 lumen narrow beam. The TL4000P has a compact body style, uses a reliable push-button switching mechanism, a battery indicator on the light itself, and your choice of 4 power levels and an SOS function. As a self-contained light, it uses a self-contained Lithium Ion rechargeable battery pack and comes with a charger. The battery pack is removeable for easy replacement with an optional spare fully charged battery between dives. The TL4000P also comes with a reinforced Goodman-style glove, and an aluminum lantern-style handle, which makes this light a versatile option for any diver wanting the extreme light output needed in demanding conditions.