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Scubapro, Standing Behind Their Product!

When making a large purchase, such a dry suit or a dive computer, you hope that if something where wrong due to manufacture defect they would stand behind it. In 2014 I purchased a Scubapro Evertec drysuit, and I had put it through it's paces. Cleaning the polar bear exhibit at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, completing my TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression class.

As I was getting my gear prepped for the TDI Intro to Cave course in Florida in a couple of weeks, I noticed I was starting to get wet. We all know that this happens from time to time in a drysuit. Upon inspection it appeared to have an issue with the glue and seams, my first reaction was to grab the aqua seal and go to town. I fortunately called Scubapro and explained the situation and my time frame, we are leaving in two weeks. Scuapbro said I would need  to send it back for them to take a look at it. Nervously I packed my drysuit up and sent it off via two-day air. As soon as it was delivered I called to let them know that it was there. The Scubapro Service department immediately went down to shipping and opened up the box. Now, I was not expecting what happened next, I thought that they would try to repair it. They sent out a replacement, not only a replacement but the new Scubapro Evertect LT. Now that is standing behind your product!

They were even nice enough to cut off my Si Tech ring system, and Trigon Relief Valve from my old suit and send it back to me so I could put it in the new suit. 

Now I have a new Scubapro Evertec LT suit and I am ready to go for my trip to Florida! 

I will definitely be putting the suit through it's paces in Florida as I begin my training into cave diving and will update this page with how it held up. 

Landen Stiverson
Assistant Manager/Instructor