You want to get certified, but have a hectic schedule. We can setup a private class for you based your availability and our training staff. 

The Open Water course has three components: (1) Your online academics, completed at home (2) Your confined water pool sessions, completed here at the shop in our pool (3) Four open water dives, conducted at an open water site such as Circleville Twin Quarries. 

A private class can be setup for your confined water pool sessions, your open water dives or both. If you have four or more people we will setup a class at no additional charge. If you have 1-3 students its just a one time private fee of $179. 

The confined water sessions and academic review take approximately 16 hours to complete, and can be split up based on your availability, as well as the instructional staff, and the pool. Typically it is done on four separate sessions, over two days, or a combination of the two. 

All you have to do is submit the Private Request form below, and we can verify the availability of the training staff and get back to you. After we have confirmed that it would be available we will take payment at that time and proceed with the normal class sign up. 

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