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Aquatic Adventures Ohio has a full rental department - If you are diving locally or heading out on vacation, we have the equipment for you! Call to schedule your rental ahead of time, or stop on in.

Equipment available to rent:

Regulators - The regulators are a full set with Primary, Octo, Inflator Hose, & Dive Computer

BCD's - Scubapro Glide Plus, Scubapro Glide X, Scubapro XOne, Aqualung Balance, Aqualung Axiom, and Oceanic 3XS's for kids. 

Wetsuits - Shorty, 3mm full suit, 2 piece Farmer John/Jane 6.5mm

Drysuits - Diving Unlimited International, and Aqualung Dry Fusion drysuits are available. 

Tanks - Aluminum 80's, 63's, and 50's

Weights - Soft Weights

Gloves - 5mm

Hoods - 5mm