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Specialty Courses

New divers as well as “old salts” find many different areas of interest in the underwater environment. From dry suit diving in colder temperatures to diver propulsion vehicles in the warm Caribbean waters, divers will find many specialties available to broaden their scuba skills. When you have completed four specialties and logged a minimum of 25 dives, you qualify for the SDI Advanced Diver rating. Add Rescue and 25 more dives to qualify for the coveted Master Diver rating.

SDI Advanced Open Water Diver - 4 Specialties

The Advanced Open Water Diver course helps divers to increase confidence and build scuba skills to become more comfortable in the water. It’s a great opportunity to log more dives while also learning under the supervision of an instructor.

This course builds on the curriculum learned in Open Water certification, and helps divers develop the new capabilities listed below.

  1. Underwater navigation (completed at Circleville Twin Quarries)
  2. Deeper water diving (completed at Whitestar or Gilboa Quarry)
  3. Buoyancy (completed at Aquatic Adventures Ohio or any local quarry)
  4. Computer diving (completed during deep diving specialty)

This program consists of academic materials, practice in each of the 4 specialties, an SDI Advanced Diver certification card, 6 dives, and 1 tank with weights per specialty - all other equipment must be provided by the student. The cost of the course is $495.

To receive SDI Advanced Open Water Diver status, divers must have 25 logged dives and completed 4 specialties (3 of 4 must be diving specialties).

The following chart lists some of the specialties.