Every corporation in today's business world faces the same primary challenges: 

1.    Gain Market Share
2.    Grow Profitability
3.    Develop and Retain Loyal Productive Associates

Sales based promotions and incentive programs have historically been the driving force behind most corporations' efforts to address these most difficult challenges. Most sales based incentive programs, however, address one or two of the above challenges, but few, if any can successfully tackle all three. What separates this program from most is point number three- the development and retention of key associates. 

Harvard Business School published a book in 1996 titled The Loyalty Effect, by Frederick Reichheld, which showed the correlation between loyalty and corporate profitability.  Reichheld stated that, "Businesses that concentrate on finding and keeping good customers, productive employees, and supportive investors continue to generate superior results. Loyalty remains one of the great engines of business success. Loyalty leaders see people as assets rather than expenses, and they expect those assets to pay returns over a period of many years. Loyalty leaders choose human assets carefully, and then find ways to extend their productive lifetimes and increase their value." 

What we would like to review with you not only address all three, but if executed properly it will effectively satisfy all three, for years to come, in a long term program that has been developed with all entities of your business in mind. The program is effective, rewarding, both personally and professionally, and flexible. It is designed to not only add profitability to your company, but also to aid you in attracting and retaining peak performing associates. 

It is not theory; it is a proven entity that has operated successfully since 1995. 

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