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PADI Seal Team

Aquatic Adventures offers the following youth scuba programs.  Be sure to check the training calendar for the current class schedule. If you don’t see a class you’d like to take, just call us at (614) 545-DIVE or email us to make arrangements. The PADI Seal Team program consists of two parts:

Part 1 - Become a PADI Seal Team Member!

PADI Seals are kids just like you, only they know how to use scuba gear and breath underwater! During the first 2 classes you will learn basic open water diver skills that can also be applied toward your Jr. Open Water Certification! The last class will be a Specialty AquaMission.

After each class you’ll log the AquaMission in your very own log book.  After you have completed the skills to become a Seal Team Member you will receive your very own Seal Team Certification Card!

This is a 3-day course with classroom and pool sessions led by a PADI instructor.  The last session is a Specialty AquaMission. Each session lasts 2 hours.

Make sure you call and schedule ahead to hold your space

Part 2 – Join us for MORE Specialty AquaMissions!

After becoming a Seal Team Member keep diving with us!  The FUN and ADVENTURE continues with each Specialty AquaMission.  These AquaMissions build on the skills you learned to become a seal and introduce you to lots of other fun things.  Here are some of the AquaMissions you can choose from:

Creature ID Specialist
Environmental Specialist
Inner Space Specialist
Navigation Specialist
Night Specialist
Safety Specialist
Search & Recover Specialist
Skin Diver Specialist
Snapshot Specialist
Wreck Specialist

Each Specialty AquaMission is independent of the others so you pick and choose the ones that interest you! Each Specialty AquaMission lasts approximately 2 hours.

Seal Team 2016 Aqua Mission Schedule

January 15th - Creature ID Specialist
February 12th - Environmental Specialist
March 11th - Inner Space Specialist
April 15th - Navigation Specialist
May 13th - Safety Specialist
June 10th - Search and Recovery Specialist
July 15th - Skin Diver Specialist
August 12th - Snapshot Specialist
September 16th - Wreck Specialist
October 14th - Night Specialist
November 18th - Creature ID Specialist
December 9th – Environmental Specialist


Question: Who is this program for?

Answer: Any kid age 8 or older who is interested in Scuba or the aquatic environment.

Question: Do you have to be a great swimmer to become a Seal Team Member?

Answer: No, but everyone should be comfortable in the water.

Question: Can a Seal Team Member join open water diving on vacation?

Answer: No, this is a pool program ONLY.

You will need to complete the PADI Seal Team Statement before participating in the program.